how long does fmu stay potent for?!

I know this is tmi but bear with me.....

I want to do a test on Saturday (the day after af is due, I've been getting lots of symptoms as detailed elsewhere) but want my other half to be there. I've promised I won't do one on my own, but he is working a night shift. He will get home about 5ish and then come straight to bed and then won't get up until about lunchtime. So, I'm wondering, if I use a cup when I first get up, then put it somewhere safe to use so we can see together after he's slept, will it still be the same strength etc?

I don't want to do it Friday as I'll have to deal with it at work....i'm off work the following week so have extra time to get my head around everything before I tell my boss (I have to tell straight away due to health and safety where I work). Will the fmu last all morning?


  • hi, think i might be able to help, when i was pregnant with ds and every mw appointment i was asked to take my fmu but obviously sometimes my appointments weren't til afternoon so it was old wee (lol) but this never seemed to matter, as long as u've got a lid and its a clean pot so as it doenst' get contimanted then it will be fine...not sure how it cld get contaminated with hcg tho lol, but u know what i mean lol xx
  • ooh, thank you, that's good to know. Gross I know, but do you reckon if i use a plastic cup and just leave it on top of the loo until I need it that will be OK? Otherwise I may have to improvise with something with a lid.
  • haha, yeh i always left mine by the loo until i needed to leave lol...a lid probably doesn't really matter for preg testing because obv when my mw was doing it she was checking for sugars and proteins etc so needed to be kept unadulterated lol x

    and obviously getting it to the mw without a lid cld have left us with a dodgy spillage lol! xx

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