Morning ladies, the results are in and it's a....

BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!! image image image

I am so excited. Waiting until 17DPO was so worth it in the end to see the 2 pink lines come up straight away nice and dark, it hadn't even finished loading up if you know what i mean, lol! I just went into hubby (who was still asleep!) and said 'hey baby, you're gonna be a daddy'!!! He gave me a big hug and we had a quick chat before i made him a cuppa and came straight down here to tell you ladies! :lol:

Thank you so much for all your comments and advice i really appreciate it. I'm gonna hang about here for a while though still if that's ok with you?

Now a quick question how would i work out my EDD? My last cycle started on 14th October but i didn't ovulate until 5th November (CD23). Could someone please help me? Also when should i book a GP appointment?

I now have to go and see some of my family this morning. It's going to be so hard not to tell them. I'm desperate to shout it from the roof tops but ideally want to wait until Xmas day to tell them the news. Lets see how long i hold out shall we! Sorry for rambling!



  • Nikkinos, that is fantastic news.I saw your thread and had to have a look. Congratulations!! A big hug to you!!! Thats a lovely idea telling your family on xmas day, i think it would be the best present to them ever (good luck in not telling them meantime tho, i made it to about 8 weeks before i had to tell) I think your best bet re. your due date is to use one of the calculators on line. I think the dr's use the first day of your last period.

    Congratulations and celebrations xxxxxxxxxxxxxximage
  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Your EDD would be calculated as 28th July I think - but like me you may me borderline July / Aug.

    Lets hope we don't have a heatwave next summer in Jul and Aug!!!!!!!

    Have a happy & healthy pregnancy!!!

  • Thanks ladies, i've got goosebumps reading your reply's! So i guess if i go from the first day of my last period that would make me 5+5 today?! It's so confusing! Congratulations on your pregnancies too, hope everythings going well for you both. x
  • Thank you. Alls good with me (nearly 16wks). But todays about YOU!!!!!
    Whooooooooo. Enjoy and take care xxxxxx
  • Me too!!! I am so excited for us both!! I went on this site to work out my edd which came up as 3rd aug as my cycle is about 34 days long so slightly longer:
  • Thats the trouble, my first cycle was 113 days and my 2nd was 39 days. This is my 3rd cycle so feel completely blessed to have been able to concieve in so little cycles despite the length of them! Hence why i was confused about how to work out my EDD. I'm sure all will become clear once i've had my first scan. Sooooo exciting. I already want to tell my mum!! x
  • Big Big Congrats xxx
  • Sorry muffin how rude of me, congratulations on your BFP to. I did reply on your other post earlier. Loving the things you did to achieve your BFP. Honestly the things we do for a BFP could be written up in a book, lol! x
  • Congratulations!!!!
  • Congratualtions hun xx
  • Congrats hun

    I'm sure there is a way of calculating your edd going by your ov date but not sure how.

    It might be worth putting a post on Pregnancy as someone there is bound to know.

  • woohooooo congrats!!! came on looking for your post especially!!! xx
  • Congratulations!!! I've been dying to get up and come down t check your post! I'm so pleased for you! xx
  • Congratulations!! made up for you, enjoy the next 9 months XXX
  • Congratulations!! made up for you, enjoy the next 9 months XXX
  • Congratulations x
  • Congratulations! See you in due in July


  • awww fab news, congratulations hun, hav e a lovely H&H 9 months.xxxxx
  • congratulations xxx
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