I have been off the pill now since the end of November and actively trying to conceive since 1 day after my last A/F around the 6th December, I'm not really sure what i'm feeling, but im definately feeling something. In the last week i have been feeling nauseous, have constant headaches and pains in my lower back and abdomen, and i burst into tears 2 days ago for no reason at all lol.

I had a few too many drinks on saturday night and stupidly did a pregnancy test! (dont know why) but it showed a very, very, very faint second line, even my partner could see it! i checked the test again in the morning when i was sober and it was definately still their, but could barely be seen. when i did another test to check that morning that one was negative, so i dont really know what to think????

is it possible to get pregnant that fast after coming off the pill?? i know that it has ran in my family for years, my mam didnt have a normal cycle after coming of the pill she just fell pregnant straight away, and so did my grandmother. and with all the symptoms i've been feeling, they can relate to effects of coming off the pill or pregnancy.

Im confused!!!! :\? it would be brilliant to be pregnant straight away, but the waiting is killing me, coz according to the charts i shouldnt even be OV yet! and im not gona be due A/F till the 4th January!

ARGGGGHHHHH!!! anyone else had the same problem and any advice please?

lilibet xxx


  • Hi lilbet09,
    I really think it's too early to determine if you are pregnant yet, my last AF started on the 22nd Nov and i ovulated on the 6th December, and it's probably still too early for me to tell if i'm pregnant yet. To be honest it sounds more like your symptons are ovulation symptons, I often get headaches and abdomen pain when i ov and if the last day of your period was on the 6th Dec then you would probably be ov'ing around the last few days. But like you say, if it runs in your family then who knows!! Good luck, I hope you do get your BFP xx
  • Sounds like ovulation to me too but you never know you couldve gotten pregnant on the last cycle on the pill!
  • Thanks for your advice guys, means a lot as this is my first time you see, so really dont have a clue, and dead excited. Hope everything goes well. i'll just have to tell my fella that i may be ovulating, i'll never get a moment of peace lol. i'll just keep going, Hope you get the results your after, keep me posted. xx
  • I have also been eating like a pig the last few days, i just cant seem to stop, its not good, I lost 3 stone this year on the lighter life diet and i dont wanna put it all back on before i get pregnant lol. xx
  • lilibet your symptoms are all the same as mine before bfp- do another test hun- supredrug and asda are very sensitive x
  • I did try an asda one 2 days ago, coz i keep them in the house, but it still said negative, but i'm 2 weeks away from my next AF so it is probably too soon to show anything anyway, i will leave it for a couple of weeks, but thanks, that is really helpful, and hopeful also, thanks hun, fingers crossed. xx
  • hiya lilibet, lost nearly 3 stone as well through lighterlife! Just like you really scared of putting weight on as well but I guess I have to keep everything I learned at the meeting in mind. Being very hungry in the past week as well, all the tv x-mas food ads not helping.

    Fingers crossed it will be bfp when you test! Please do let us know then
  • Feel awful today ladies, feel miserable, tired, bad stomach and back, and still hungry lol. just wanna go home and go to bed, cant believe im stuck in work till 4.45, arghhhhh!

    Hope all these signs lead to one thing lol. I know its early but maybe i am one of the lucky ones, i'll just have to keep everything crossed.

  • hi hun. Sounds like my first cycle off the pill, I had all those "symptoms" all month long and then got AF cd27. not trying to get you down but don't get too hopeful because then it will be a million times worse when AF actually comes
  • I hope that you get your BFP - try not to test until your AF is late!!! If you test early you could get false BFN's and thats depressing image
  • i have found my veg, yay!! tehe lol hope it brings me luck
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