ITV - Amamda Holden as a midwife??

anyone watching this? I'm not enjoying the childbirth scenes.... pretty scary!
And why does amanda holden want to be a midwife??? x


  • I just asked OH if we could watch it and he said you're not bloody watching it in this house :lol:

    So he's got life on and I can't be bothered to go and watch it in the other room..

    Don't be put off by the childbirth scenes. I watched my sister have her LO and it was just magical :lol: well it wasn't as bad as I expected.

    Let us know if its any good and I'll watch it On Demand later in the week :\) xx
  • its a bit random... not sure why she is doing it??
    will watch it anyway just cos I am obsessed with anything pg related.....! xx
  • Thats why I wanted to watch it too :lol: Just to stare enviously at all the women with the massive bellys having their lady parts stretched in ways that shouldn't be possible and wishing it was me image

    She's probably just doing it because she doesn't seem to have done anything lately and needs to get her face back on the telly... x
  • yes I think you're right... its been a while since Britains Got Talent! x
  • Heheheh! Watched that one too and got a bit emotional too I have to admit.
    And please explain to me somebody why men have it so easy??????!!! x
  • I couldn't believe the emotion I felt when the baby cried at the end - had goosebumps and nearly cried! A bit scary though.... x
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