Periods after the pill??

Hi girls,I already have 2 children but both were ahem,accidents so this is our first time of actively trying! I came off the pill at the end of May,last AF started 30th May. If I followed the 28 day pill induced cycle I should have been due on yest/Sat. However I'm very confused! Do your periods return straight away after the pill or take a while? I was only on it 6 months. I'm thinking I should just wait a while and see if af arrives but I'm not sure...any advice??


  • they can take ages!!! but as you have only been on it 6 months hopefully you should be ok. I was on it 13 years and think its gonna take abit longer!!
  • Hi welcome to the site. The pill affects everyone differently. As you were on it such a short while, you would hope you'd re-adjust pretty quickly.

    The general rule seems to be there isn't one! You may not have 28 day cycles. Have you any signs or symptoms? Af and pg symptoms can be quite similar, which also makes things difficult. Give it a couple of days. xx
  • hello and welcome,the pill can take up to a year to get out of your body, it varies on each person,good luck and hope you get your bfp soon

  • Hi,thanks for the advice! It's so frustrating not knowing what to expect! I was nauseous yesterday and have been having wild mood swings but like you say that could be either! But I never had PMT on the pill so I just don't know! Quite a few of my friends have conceived in the first month after stopping the pill (microgynon 30,the same as mine) but just as many have taken ages! Ah well,I suppose we'll have to wait and see! Thanks!
  • can't really offer much advice, but I'm in the same situation! Came off pill 23rd May and haven't had a period yet! Was wondering whether to go to the docs, but think I remember a few posts where people said that it took a while for their period to come back so I'm going to wait 2 months and then if its still not here go to the docs.

    Is there any chance you could be pregnant already?
  • Like people have said, it differs for everyone. I came off the pill and had my first period 4 weeks later. Have had one every month since, though has varied between 23 and 31 days.

    Good luck!
  • I was on the pill for 18 years, came off 19th May, had the WD bleed 3 days later as expected then 27 days later had a really light 3 day 'af'. I put it in inverted commas because I don't know if it was an af or not!!
  • i was on the pill injection for 8 months had my last one in nov and still havent come on yet thats 8 months and ive been told to wait and see, and if nothing happens within a year to go back to my dr,
  • i came off the cerazette pill mid may, i had a withdrawal bleed for a few days following coming off, then i had a period on the 1st June just a normal one, and then a really heavy period on the 25th June, so i am hoping i am nearly back into a regular cycle! i had been on the pill for 2 years, hth xx
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