TTC is reminding me of Jury Service!!

Sounds a bit funny but I was alone with my thoughts and this occurred to me......

Back in July I did two weeks' jury service. Each day we had to sign in and sit in this big waiting room. Every now and again they would call a list of randomly generated names for a jury.

I listened carefully as they read each list but my name didn't get called. By the end of the first day everyone I had been sitting with had been called so I was left by myself to read my book and wait.

This carried on for the entire first week. People were coming back in from cases and getting reselected and I was still sitting there like a lemon. By the end of the week some people were on their third case and I was on a big fat zero!

I did once get called up and went through to the court only to be told that a jury was no longer required for that case.

When I went back on Monday morning several juries were called but again my name didn't come up.I was actually left in the final three in a waiting room that had held a couple of hundred.

Then the new jurors arrived and my heart sank as I knew the probability of being picked was now much smaller.

But........ Right at the end of the end of the day my name was called!!

I actually did two cases in the second week so my time wasn't a waste in the end but the wait and the not knowing was agonising.

Does this story sound familiar or what?!!

Hopefully we'll all get called up soon and get sworn in too!

Baby dust to all xxx


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