can someone help me work this out?

I had a miscarrige on 19th March at 8 weeks although baby stopped growing at 6 weeks. Had a d&c op on 9th april after not passing naturally and my first AF reared her ugly head on sunday 25th april after 2.5 weeks after op.

I've bought bb thermometer and some ovulation sticks but i'm confused about the whole charting and cycle thing.

My periods were irregular before i was pg but roughly about 25 days from period to period ( i think!) so i have no idea how long my normal cycles are.

Does sunday count as CD1 or is that after i've stopped bleeding? Is ovulation a certain amount of time after the bleed and is that calculated from first day of bleed or when it has finished?
Also, when people say DPO, is that counted from the first day after ovulation has finished?

Sorry for all the questions, but i'm really dumb at this, we just fell lucky last time! Any help appreciated! :\?


  • Hi hunny, I brought a BBT yesterday too so im new at this myself, but what ive got is that the day you start bleeding (not spotting) is CD1 your ovulation is when you see a peak in your temp but from what Ive read the peak is normally 24-36 hours AFTER you've ov'd so the day you see your peak in temp will probally be 1dpo (as its 24 hrs after...) Charting your cycle will help you work out your cycles and if you're using ov sticks too they'll detect before you ovulate so you know to BD, this will then be confimed if you get a peak in temp a day or two after your smileys. sorry if thats gobbildy goop! Thats what I got from the instructions, but maybe somebady who already charts has better info. Good luck xx
  • thanks for that, am i being thick or is it a bit pointless to find out the peak temp if we've already passed the fertile days? I suppose it may help to predict the following months? hmmmm
  • yeah the idea is to do it over a couple of months and you'll then know your most fertile days, if you use ov sticks too tho, you'll know before and then have the confirmation of your peak'll be helpful if you happen to end up TTC for a few cycles (though i hope your not and wish you BFP soon!) xx
  • for temping : i recommend using website e.g. it will help u with the counting and keeping track.

    good luck image
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