Can anyone share some info on the best time to concieve?

Hello, i'm new on here, & i'm not sure if anyone can help me? I have a 3 year old little boy, getting pregnant with him seemed effortless,however i have been attempting to get pregnant for some time for baby number 2. I started using ovulation tests last month. This month it is showing that i am ovulating on day 12 (today)of my cycle. So when would the best time to have sex? I have been told all sorts, and am getting all confussed and stressed. Plus my partner works away so timing can be difficult. So far weve iv had sex 6 days before i ovulated and on my obvulation day (and luckly still finding this fun!!) Can anybody shre with me any clear rules of what i need to be doing? Thank you x


  • Hi there Liannemg

    Welcome to the forum, everyone is so lovely on here and will really help you in your ttc journey.

    With regards to the best time. My doc said to bd (have sex) every other day from day 10, if you ov on day 12 you could do it from day 9. Sperm can live for up to 5 days in you so that covers your bd up to ov. It can also take 24 - 48 hours I think for egg to travel so its best to try and bd up to day 16 and that will cover before ov and after,

    Hope this helps.

    V xxx
  • Hi V,

    Thanx so much for te reply, that does help...will it make any difference that we have bd 6 days in a row?

    Thanks again

    Lianne xxx
  • Hi there

    I don't think so. Some info says that its better every other day as the sperm gets a chance to replenish properly. Saying that some girls have still had a BFP doing it every day. I think it's just what suits really. SMEP - which is Sperm Meets Egg Plan, suggests every other day but as I said, lots of girls get their BFP doing it every day. My advice would be to try and stick to how you are usually, it lessens the stress that way.

    Hope this helps.

    V xx
  • Hi hun,

    We bd every other day up until ovulation and then bd every day during the ov phase (ie. about 3/4 days).

    If you google the "sperm meets egg plan" it tells you how to go about it and lots of ladies on here have managed to get there BFP using this.

    For some reason my browser won't let me open it on my computer to paste the line but it's the first site google brings up.

    Worth a look, good luck!
  • Thanx so much 4 ur info. Ive had a long look at the SMEP - but my partner works away 3-4 nights in a row and is home 3-4 nights before working againimage so im not sure this would work (i was excited, as this month we both had holiday booked when i was will just have to see if anything has happened?) so I guess we will just have to keep trying??xx
  • We're abit like that in that OH works away a bit so we just have to bd the best we can around OV.

    Also worth looking at is the sperm meets egg race on channel 4od. It is amazing at showing the science behind conception and it tells you how long the sperm and egg live for and the mission they go through to get there! Its an hour long because it was a documentary but very informative.

    I think as long as your having sex at least the nights your OH is with you, hopefully you'll have it covered.

    It's so much harder than they let on when your young isn't it!?!

  • Yes so much harder!! well thanks so much for all your help & information, U've bee a great helpimage

  • Hey!!I'm glad you asked this as I get confused easily over all these conecption doos and don'ts!! I'm just mirroring what the other girls have said but my GP told me we should BD every 2-3 days as it allows the sperm to replenish which increases your chances! image Good luck and baby dust to you! xxx
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