Can anyone offer advice...bleeding after bd

Hi girls,
Well here goes, I really hope someone can offer advice...

This is the background info to this month...
Around CD 13/14 I began to get really bad abdominal pain. I was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with ovarian cyst. This has happened before.

My cycle usually lasts around 33 days.

My dilemma is that today (cd26) I bled after sex (sorry tmi). I'm wondering if this would have anything to do with the cyst (first time we had sex since before I went into hospital), if it could just be af arriving really early or if it might possbly be an implantation bleed?

Do you think I should go to the docs or just leave it a few days and see what happens. I'm not in pain now, not even af cramps.

Any advice really appreciated, thank you. xxx


  • not sure hun but didnt want to read an run. could be implantation fingers crossed.xx ...was it rough bd'in? lol xxx
  • nope lol it was gentle if anything haha!

    Thanks for your reply Nic. I just wish I knew what was happening with my body. ??10 for the correct answer haha!

  • lol, ....if you have no cramps or anything then id prob wait a few days and see if anthing else happens. What happened with the cyst do they remove them? x
  • No they didn't remove it as it burst and my body will deal with the fluid itself. Glad I didn't need surgery! xxx
  • hi rachwill, lucky you didnt need it removed although i imagine having it burst was terribly painful to go through. Am not an expert at all, but id imagine if you did go to the gp, they'd just say if it happens again, come back - that is what they usually say when they dont know what it is in my experience! It could be to do with the cyst as i imagine it would have affected things but could equally be somehting else like your cervix - sometimes if its in a different position you can bump it even during gentle bding! Maybe you are oving late this month or could be implanation too.

    If it happens again though, i would def go back but i wouldnt worry at the mo xx
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