Can't believe it!!! So Shocked!!

Hi Girls,

I haven't posted on here much and have just been a lurker for most of this month due to trying to 'relax' and not stress too much about ttc but thought I'd tell you all that this morning I had my !!!!!!!BFP!!!!!! after 8 months of trying! I'm so shocked - still can't believe it! I have no idea why I tested this morning - just had the urge! Since coming off the pill my cycles have been all over the place so don't really know when I OV - last period was 4th Jan! Have had no real symptoms although yesterday I started getting af type cramps and have very solid b00bies!! This month I have just relaxed, no legs in air or anything that I usually do. We BD almost every other day and it must have worked - almost like the SMEP apart from the 3 days in a row!

I still can't beleive it's real image !! Haven't got a clue what I do now?!?! :\?

Hope this is a sticky bean - blowing baby dust your way ladies!x


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