Bit confussed (plus TMI sorry :lol:)

well ladies i am on CD15 today and well i have just been to the toilet and have loads i mean loads of EWCM and really stringy ( sorry :lol: ) Now is this OV? i NORMALLY have really bad pains when OVing and have had NOTHING!!!??? :\? :\?

i have never ov without pains since i had my DS 2 years ago

any advice would be great thanks x ;\) ;\)


  • I've only started TTC this month so not experienced, but from all my research online this sounds like OV, anything I have read says your cm turns almost like semen/egg white and very stringy on the day before and the day of ov. Maybe your due to ov tomorrow then? Sorry can't be more help hun xx
  • Sounds like ov, do you normally get EVCM with your pains?
  • Hay ya *crazy waving* :lol:

    I got a pos OPK yesterday and i have had NO major pains WoopWoop image had a few pains but nothing like last month

    And its earlyer than last month image

    Hope it good luck xx
  • This sounds like it to me. I had this yesterday, and I also had LOADS! Have had some pain this morning and also a positive ov test at lunchtime.

    Woohoo!! xx
  • i normally got no EWCM at all very rare for me to have much at all!!!! i hope it is OV that means i have OV earlier this month whoop whoop!!!!

    Going to have lots of sex for the next few days to be on the safe side whoop whoop

    Hi gembags "waving back !!! :lol: "

    glad u have OV without the horrible pain whoop whoop hope i do this month 2 yeah!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Just FYI and so you don't miss your chances, I know lots of people (inc me) usually can get 3-5 days of EWCM before you actually OV. I got my first lot this morning although it was a slightly pink colour. I'm still only on hghs on my CBFM and waiting for the peaks by which point my CM should be transparent. I'd keep BD for another few days yet if I were you until it disappears completely, and then maybe one extra for good luck! Hehe.
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