! Due to test 10th May

I know there are a few of us due / testing around the 10th. I am trying not to symptom spot and also trying to take my mind off testing early. However I had some sharp pulling pains last night and then this morning watery pinky / brownish cm. Does anyone know if implant bleeding is proper blood or am I just grasping at straws! Babydust to all x x x


  • i have no idea hun , but didnt want to R&R xxxx my last pregnancy i really had no idea i was pregnant so missed everything xx
    lots of baby dust hun xxx
  • I think its a browny colour, like the womb linning not like af blood? Only from what I have seen other ladies write! Sounds promising hun x x x
  • hi ladies.... apparently you dont normally feel implantation?! i asked my friend who is a midwife and dose 3d/4d scanning.... as i had the same feelings/pain so thought i would ask her but she said that i wouldn notice it....however AF is now 8 days late! but last night i had some brown cm and it was runny/sticky?! sorry if TMI (we're all in the same boat as it were?!) :0) so i dont know if thats AF on her way of like you bettybaby- implantation bleed?? so i am also CONFUSED.COM!!!!!!................


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  • Hi,
    I had a spot of dark brown blood about the size of a 50p coin 2 days before my BFP. I also had a lot of very white CM. I didn't feel any pains and had no other symptoms but the day after my bfp I had a little blob of pinky cm that was like blamanche (in colour and consistency!)

    Hope this helps and that you get your bfp!!

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