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Really confused now...EWCM after ovulation :(



  • I know - not once did I think I would be checking my pants, let alone seeing if my CM is stretchy - YUK!!!!
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  • Ok ladies I have a question now. Im approx. 10dpo and the last 4 days I have noticed EWCM could have been longer then  that. Ive been really wet sorry TMI. I think I had implementation bleeding about 6dpo. I noticed blood very light pink when I checked my CM using the "finger method" sorry again TMI. when I found that my ovary felt very low and now it feels back up higher. Is this a good sign that I am pregnant? Im due my little monthly visit on Dec 8th. So Im pretty sure its to early to test Im trying really hard to wait until Im late. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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