I asked this little bird very nicely....

....to bring us all BFP's soon!

Come on Mr Stork!



  • Aw cute hun, thanks I would much rather a stork just landed on my doorstep am starting to get frightened now with pregnancy/labour etc as this will be our first

  • damn and blast!!

    Anyhow, i saw a real life stork today (didn't realise until Hubby told me to have a word in his ear)

  • I give up!:lol:
  • Don't be scared SD!

    It really is the quickest pain forgotten! And it's a good productive pain, not like stubbing your toe, which is just sore for the sake of it!xx
  • wheres the pic misses image

    Labour,what a breeze :lol:
  • It's on FB and Photobucket!

    I followed your idiots guide and STILL can't do it!

    (although, I managed it once, it must have been a fluke!!)
  • awww cute! hehe maybe grow a mulbury bush too!! (you may haveto google that one!)

    McGillair is right about it being a productive pain...its a pain you know is going to end and has a purpose. Much better than stubing you toe!! xx
  • chck on the pic on fb copy all the long bit from properties,post reply,img button paste the img again x
  • Sorry for the G/C here, saw this on the home page and SD is also a very good friend of mine image

    McGilliar you got it spot on there! I would much rather have a contraction than to stub my toe, I stubbed my toe on the foot of the cot the other day and my life did it hurt!

    Contractions are funny things, I wouldnt say they are really bad .... and mine totally dissapeared as soon as pushing time began.

    SD I wouldnt worry too much about it, trust me. Hope your well anyway, text me if you get any news!!


    Acht, I'd done the properties bit wrong, I'd just taken the url. Dufus!!

  • Aw thanks Em hun - love the new pic so so cute baby liam is growing up so fast.

    Will text you image 2 weeks on wed till our hol woop woop.

    McGillair - lovely stork lets hope its a lucky one

  • He was after my picnic!

    I promised him I'd come back with an egg sandwich for him if I get my BFP soon!xx
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