CBFM - who's with me?

Hi ladies,

A few months ago we had a couple of threads going for all of the ladies usuing a CBFM, and I found it invaluable. It also seemed pretty lucky too as quite a few of us got our BFP's. So as I'm on CD1 again today, I thought I'd start it again. Anyone with me?

A little about me, this is my first AF since my mc, and will be 2nd cycle of using the fab little gadget!



  • Hello rainbow,

    I am in!! I love the gadget!!! It has made me understand my cycles. I have had it for three months now but didn't get to use it properly until this month when I got my first peak on Xmas eve and Xmas day, was really excited. So I am 3dpo and really hoping to get a bfp! Sorry to hear about your mc. You will get a bfp hun and this time, it will be a sticky one!!!
  • Hi rainbow and Mrs Fair

    I lurve my cbfm! I think it is fab. I'm using it "for real" this month. It's becoming one of those things that I can't imagine life without, like the internet and mobile phones!

  • I'm with you!

    I love my cbfm too- literally couldn't be without it!

    I am cd1 today, 1st month of ttc since ectopic and 2nd time of using it "properly". Been using it in teh 3 months we've had to stop to check my cycles are getting back to normal.

    Here's to CBFM BFP'S!! x x x
  • Hey Ladies,

    I would like to join you image I am on my 2nd month using it and got my second peak today image

    Here's to lots of BFP's xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    Please can I join you?
    I am on my first month of using my CBFM, I am on cd 20 but havent had any peaks yet only highs for 13 days, is this normal on 1st month??? This is our first month of ttc properly as I had high prolactin before which was stopping me ovulate, I am on the medication now and prolactin is back to normal so I should be ovulating.

    Lets hope we can start off the new year with lots of BFPs!!


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  • Sorry gatecrashing, just wanted to say im sorry to hear your news rainbow, fingers crossed for a sticky bean this time!! image xx
  • Thanks Bryony, here's to 2010!

    Ooh Mrs Fair, you're in to your 2ww, how you feeling? BroodyBeth you'll soon be in to, you going to be BD tonight then :lol: image

    Pleasehappen, how long are your cycles usually? Many women find that on the first month at least the CBFM doesn't pick up a peak as it's getting used to your cycles, but it doesn't nesessarily mean that you've ov.

    MP, I forgot to reset mine this morning :roll: so going to do it in the morning and set it to CD2, I can do that can't I? :\?

    Moonandstars, what CD are you?


  • hello hello!! me too!
    this is my first month of using it and this is only our second month ttc
    i'm also on cd19 and been having highs since cd10, just want to see a little eggy peak!!! - have heard this is "normal" for first months so trying not to fret
    lets hope this is our lucky cbfm thread! xx
  • oh yeah and normally a 34 day cycle - how long are yours pleasehappen?
    also started taking ac to try and shorten it a little bit - and the rude veg!!
    Don't think i'm due to ov until nye, but oh is having to go down to london to work it for 3 days, brilliant timing!
    rainbow - sorry to hear about your mc xx
  • Hi SS, I just missed you! It's true that it's nothing to worry about if you don't see your peak on your first cycle.

    Good luck

  • Rainbow, Im not sure on length of cycles, I had been having very irregular cycles due to not ovulating, my last af was 9th Dec so Im hoping that I will start being regular again now Im on the right medication and ovulating. I have been having very slight pain on the right side for about a week now, could ovulation pain last that long. I was on the pill for 12 years so never paid any attention to my body then!

    SmudgeSmith-Im the same, just want to move from high, was excited when I saw the first few highs now I just want those peaks!!

  • pleasehappen - me too!! as normally 34 day cycle and got a high on cd 10 i was well excited! thought bl88dy hell, this ac has shortened my cycle pretty darn quick - now i'm over it lol
    have some cheapy opk's and think i ov'd last cycle at day 20/21 so going to do one in a bit and see if that gives me another clue! i've been emotional all day (just watching last weeks 16 and pregnant and cried my eyes out) and my left (.) is hurting, which it does around ov and af so fingers crossed i ov before oh goes away on the 30th so i can pounce on him!

    rainbow - thanks!! thought so but there's nothing like some BE reassurance! xx
  • PH and SS, on my first cycle I got highs from CD8 and first peak on CD18 so just keep BD, don;t forget his swimmers can last up to 5 days inside :lol: so SS make sure you BD just before he goes and then again when he gets back!

    The main thing is, you MUST trust your CBFM, it really is fab!


  • We have been bding every other day since getting my first high, DH is over the moon at all the highs!! If I dont get BFP or a peak this month then Im looking forward to getting on with next month when it will hopefully show some peaks. I do love my CBFM though, its my secret obsession every morning!!

  • i was planning too! figure he goes away on the 30th so if bd tomorrow night and then maybe morning of the 30th (depending on what time he has to go, not sure yet) then when he gets back on the pm of the 1st image

    now, just how to make it look like i haven't got it all mapped out :lol:

    ph - i was on the pill for 10 years too and never took a jot of notice as to what was going on with my body every month. didn't have the foggiest about cm or anything!

    i love my cbfm so much it's daft!!xx
  • SS-it really is amazing what you learn when ttc, I never realised we only had such a short amount of time to conceive every month. I really have had my eyes opened to alot of things.

  • that's just what i thought!! it's madness isnt it.
    when i was explaing all about ov etc to oh he said "well, i don't understand, that goes against everything i've ever been told growing up, you must have got it wrong" - i assured him i hadn't! but it's so true, you have it drummed in to you about being careful but it's actually really hard lol

    even when i was all emotional this morning he suggested i might pg, told him not physically possible as not ov'd yet, he's so optimistic bless him lol

    my friend was chatting to me on facebook the other day and asked what i was up to, i said looking on the internet about how to get pregnant (have told 2 closest friends we're ttc) and she said if ididn't know that i needed to go back to school lol xx

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  • Hi girls,

    This is also my first month of using the CBFM and have been getting highs since CD8 and am now on CD15 with no peaks as yet. We've BD'd every day too so just hoping that my peak has happened without me knowing it and the swimmers were on their way!!

    I am also secretly obsessed with it and have to admit look forward to testing every morning :lol::lol::lol:

    Fingers crossed we all get our BFPs soon!

    E x
  • RubyShoes - me too!! as soon as i've done it and got the now "normal" high i look forward to the next morning hoping it will be my peak!!

    ah, i'm glad i'm not the only one lol - and can hardly go round talking about it! xx
  • (rainbow yes you can set cd2 tomorrow, you can set it up to cd5)
    I'm on 3rd month using mine. cd9 today, testing thursday morning if no AF appears, as my last 2 have come 10/11dpo. getting a bit excited now. Am always to hopeful every time!!
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