Do you have to use your FMU?


I just wondered if there is any real difference when testing between using your FMU or POAS at any time of day?

What do you think?


  • Hi Robin

    FMU is more concentrate so I think this is better earlier on, but I think once the hcg gets going any time is pretty much ok.

    Hope this helps.

    V xx
  • For a hpt's fmu is better as the hcg is more concentrated although it depends how many dpo you are as the later you test (more dpo) the less fmu matters and hcg get's more concentrated in general.

    For opk's afternoon urine is better as the LH rises typically in the afternoon.

    Hope that helps!
  • Thanks you two.

    Babyonboard that's useful to know about the opks. I am going to start using these next month if af arrives to see what the cycle is for sure.
  • I use Amazon ones by Wondfo, they have worked pretty good for me and I usually start testing around cd10 onwards (my cycle is around 26-29 days) and usually I find my LH rises about cd11 or 12 and I ov around cd12 or 13 (approx 12-36 hours after the rise is seen).

    Here is a picy to help you see how to use them:


    they are not like HPT's as they are only positive when the line is as dark as the control line as you have LH in your system all through your cycle.

    Good luck! x

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  • Thanks BoB.

    Do you have to use them every month? Or is month enough to suss out your cycle? Perhaps its best to do a couple months to account for irratic cycles.
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