BFN and still no AF

hey girls,

hope you're all ok. i'm back to work today image feeling a bit glum!

I came off pill at end of nov and was thinking i would get AF around now (if i had 'normal' 28 day cycle - which is what i used to have)
I know that your cycle can be all over the place after coming off pill but i have been having such weird symptoms (and i also know that your body getting used to not being on pill can feel like preg symptoms)
Anyway - tested on Friday and BFN and tested this morning and BFN - AF due sunday, IF it was 28 day cycle.
Symptoms so far: sore nipples, slightly swollen boobs, cramping like AF, dizziness (quite bad at one point last week) and 'sea sick' feeling a lot of the time.

anyone have any thoughts?! i'm going mad!



  • Your not going mad hun.
    You might have what i refured to as coming off the pill symptoms Ur body might be getting used to not having the pill each day xx

    Good Luck Hope its a shy BFP xxx

  • Hi Livvy

    I got those kinda symptons the first week or two after coming off the pill, not towards what should be the start of a new cycle. It differs from woman to woman how quick there cycles snap back. Mine for instance took 34days to appear after being on the pill for 10yrs.....and that was May last year and they are still slightly wonky each month!.

    No advise really other then to do what we all hate doing........hanging in there for a few more days before testing again!

    Good Luck x xx
  • thanks both of you - thats what i was hoping it wasnt! but nevermind. i just have to letm y body get back to normal i suppose. i just wish AF would come and then i can start trying again!!! x
  • Yup - I know that feeling chicky!
    It will happen, that's a's just the horrid waiting

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