friday night home alone and bored!!!

Hubby gone off to work and lo in bed so i am bored bored bored!!!

Good news is though that we found a house and its ours!! the landlord just called and confirmed he has picked us!!! i am so beyond excited as its perfect in every way!!! should be moving end of march start of april so fingers crossed for a new house new baby!!! lol

whats every one else up to tonight!!



  • 2010 going to be your year !! ((fingers crossed)) xxx i have a 10 month old so me and hubby having a dvd night (the best kinda night i think) with wine (while i still can) and ice cream...yum yum xx

    (G/C from planning and born april 09)
  • I'm home alone too!! Dont have a LO tho or a hubby, just an OH...i think! he's gone to the pub again, and apparantly thats where he'll be tomorrow night...oh the joys!! Am in bed watching 8 out of 10 cats xx
  • Hiya! I have been trying to do uni work all night but got no where so now I have given in and im watching 8 out of 10 cats!

    Congrats on the house - heres to 2010 image xxx
  • I dont have a hubby either just an OH

    We just heard a bang at the door so got OH to have a look and my kitten is sat on the doorstep with a mouse - bleurgh!

    Shut the door quick so he couldnt bring it in :-S xx
  • hubby dj;s at weekends so i spend fri and sat nights alone every week!!! boooo!!

    broody kate that is not nice!!! lol!!! i'm watching the dancing on ice thing i recorded earlier!!!

    how sad am i!!! lol
  • Aw bless ya Mrs JC, my OH works away in thre week so i know how you feel!

    Its awful, ive not seen the mouse (thank god) but do hope this isnt going to become a regular thing, as there was an 'incident' when I first started letting him out!

    I love dancing on ice, my sis has two rink side tickets I can have for the tour but got no one to go with me i dont think image xx
  • another bored here image hubbie on a late.... urgh just killed half hr with a bath but kept going 'are my nipples bigger' lol
  • i love dancing on ice, have watched all the series so far!!! hubby wasn't really keen on it but he's warmed!! good job really as my sunday nights are planned round DOI!!!! lol!!!

    did anyone see eastenders!! who killed archie??? i don't really watch it just curious!!! lol
  • I dont watch it - but looking at peoples facebook status it was Stacey! xx
  • stacey did it!!! eeeeek didnt see that coming!!

  • the last time i watched eastenders was when they killed off kevin wicks!! years ago!!!

    anyone got any plans for the weekend???

    I'm going to put some of hubbys crap on ebay to sell before we move and maybe start packing so its not a mad panic like it has been in the past!! thrilling!!!

  • lol brilliant plans!

    hubbie is working lates again this weekend so we'll spend the morning doing crap all and then i will peruse the baby websites online image
  • I stopped watching it after the whole ronnie and danielle fiasco, followed that story line for months and then they just killed her off - god i was angry lol

    Anyways my weekend will include working - booo and doing my uni work even bigger booooo! xxx
  • thats prob the same as me in the mornings whilst keeping lo quiet so hubs can sleep!!! lol not an easy thing to do with a year old who loves ben 10 and likes to copy the different voices whilst jumping around like an alien!!! lol

  • that sounds tricky indeed. My hubby didnt sleep well last night after a bad night at work (police) and he said in the morning 'do you think this is how i will feel with a newborn baby keeping me up' and i laughed and said probably... he gave me that 'lets use a condom' look lol
  • my answer to that would be he will be working so it will be you that suffers with the night feeds!!! lol

    thats what i say to my hubs anyway!! lol!!!
  • Lol, bless ya! oooo I cant wait! this is only my first month of ttc - I dont know how I will cope each month lol xxx

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  • lol i dont mind that, good quality baby time image
  • broodykate, we have each other lol, we can come on here and vent!!!!! argh i need to vent, i wanna be pregnant SO BADLY, its like torture
  • I just hope were not here too long rosemary! with any luck we will be moving over to do Due in November image xx
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