anyone else no AF and still BFN?

so fed up now thought my cycles were getting back to normal, AF was due 18th done 2 first response, and 1 CBD and still BFN, cant belive how frustating it is :\( id rather AF juat show up so i can get started on month 10 of ttc xx


  • Awww hayley, im so sorry that you got a bfn on your tests, its so not fair!! This happened to me the 1st mth of ttc, my af was 5 days late so i was convinced that we had done it but here i am entering mth 4! I hope you get a late bfp or af finally turns up for you, good luck xxx
  • My af was due 17th! Was sure we were pregnant but BFN!! Whats going on!?! xx
  • i even had spotting 4 days after ov and 5 days after so i thought was implantion bleeding so think this month i got my hopes up to much, im thinking REFLEXOLOGY is the next step x
  • You must really have thought that you had done it this month with spotting at 4/5 dpov, god thats awful for you! It is still possible though, hang on in there, try and keep the pma going! You too minimonkey! xx
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