Anyone selling a CBFM?(crosses fingers!)

Hi girlies,

I've been lurking on here for a while since me and OH decided to start trying for a baby, but haven't really posted anything before...

The short story is, I came off pill about 14 months ago and since I still havent fallen pregnant I'm beginning to get a little worried. But OH works shifts (at moment one month of nightshift and one month of dayshift - both 13 hour days), so it is entirely possible that it has just been bad timing. Before getting really stressed and going to docs, I thought I'd try the CBFM so that we would know exactly when we should BD, rather than just whenever we happen to have the same sleep pattern!

They are rather expensive though, and I was having a look on ebay before I remembered that (hopefully!) there could be people on here who wouldn't mind selling theirs!

So if anyone is looking to sell theirs, reply or drop me an email with how much you'd like for it, and how many sticks you have left, if any! AF is due any day so would really like it before new cycle. Of course, I'd also pay any postage costs.



  • Hiya
    Im sure there is someone on the best buys forum that is selling one through ebay. Amazon sell them at good prices too and they are new and usually come with a few packs of 'sticks'.
    H x x
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