New Signs Today

Hi all, new symptoms today, pain in right side, ovary I guess, and a little down my leg, also slight pain in left shoulder, well, just below.... anyone got the same? Still determined not to test till Thursday, if period doesn't arrive tomorrow. Boob still well sore - ouch! Zxximage


  • fingers crossed for you!! xx
  • Hi Z I'd not due to test until thurs too but my will power is fading fast! I can't help with your symptoms but i have noticed that mine seem to have disappeared today?! the only hope i still have is that my temps are still high - fingers crossed that we both get the christmas pressies that we want xx
  • Hi sweetheart, don'y want to freak you out but sometimes pains in shoulder can mean ectopic pregnancy, don't know for sure, just read it somewhere online xxx
  • Hi all, well I tested this morning, pretty early and it was a BFN! Am due on today, so is there a chance I could still be pregnant but have a negative on day my period due? Symptoms mostly gone really, so guessing by the end of the day AF will be here! Oh well, here's to next month! BTW: Cass82, please don't scare me, the shoulder pain was there for a minute or two, then I realised I had done some new weights a few days before! LOL Happy Xmas everyone xx
  • Thats good chook, re-read the stuff last night and its supposed to be a shooting pain in the tip of your shoulder, not just an ache, and it sounds like the weights you did contributed! lol! Fingers crossed for a shy bean! xxx
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