low sperm count

hi guys can anyone give me some advice , my husband has low sper count and we r trying badly to conceive , i dont know what to do !


  • hi, i can't really help, but did want to reassure u that it still can happen...a good friend of mine had pcos (and was left with only one ovary) and her husband had a low sperm count, they were booked in for ivf to start in the january after 2 yrs ttc, but in the december just before she gt her bfp (was her final cycle before ivf)...her dd is now 5yrs old, and after another long wait she's now pregnant with dd2...i know its know real help to u, but just wanted to let ppl can and do still get their bfp's even with low sperm count. fingers crossed u don't have to wait too long xx
  • oh thank you that is so reassuring!!
  • Hi babydust. My husband was diagnosed with low morphology and motility (the count was borderline) in the summer. He started taking Zita West's vitamen and we too conceived the month we were being referred for IVF. Our consultant said that sperm analysis tests are really not a true reflection of what's going on (because the circumstances are so artificial). Good luck.

    K x
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