Ovulation Tests

I have been taking ovulation tests since CD 10 and have had a v faint line since
Friday but todays one is very visable but not as dark as the control line... Would u take
This as a positive? Can't get my blackberry picture to upload to this thread

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  • hey hun,

    ive been in exactly the same boat, now cd 22 and today i finally got my positive!
    believe me u will know when its a pos result, if its lighter than the control line its a neg, we all have LH levels all the time hence the light pick line, its the surge in LH levels u need thats why the line goes darker.

  • thanks kels124 this is all so tricky i swear i was so niave that i though one time without contraception was all it would take !
  • me to hun - i never realised the timing etc had to be just right image lol xx
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