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  • Ive emailed you x
  • go it chick and have replyed thank you xx

    and than you to who else emailed me image

    going to delete it now xxx
  • thank you G image

    come in handy since i have 3 wedding this year lol x
  • I only have 1 thankfully - expensive blighters!!
    Had 3 in one year before (was the year I was pregnant as well!) so struggled with gifts/clothes etc! Cor, never want to repeat that again but guess it's nothing to do with me! :lol:
  • lol ive not really had any on the past 2 years..well except my own lol but there like buses wait for 1 and 3 or 4 turn up at once lol :lol:

    thankfully its just an outfit for me as hubby and Lennon can wear their kilts...
  • Aww, that'll be so cute!! Lil boys in kilts are so sweet! And I'm sure your hubby has lovely legs as well... :lol:

    My problem with this one is I have 2 hen nights for her so it feels like more than one wedding! image
  • lol 2 hen nights is that incase so much drink gets consumed you all forget the first lol

    mind you i had 2 but one was in Edinburgh (fancy dress) that a few ladies couldnt get too so then other one was in my home town just over from Edinburgh

    yeah kids in kilts so cute image and yes my hubby does have lovely long legs lol but then agin i would say that lol :lol:
  • I've just tried to imagine my hubby in a kilt :lol:
    He has lovely legs (is a rugby player so very well toned!) but can't imagine him in one... image

    Would love to get trashed but will still TTC then so I'll be the sober one sitting in the corner! :roll:
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