Grrr How Upsetting!!

Morning girlies, hope you are all okay. I may have mentioned one or two times before, that a week ago on Sunday I noticed spotting for the first time after our first month of trying, then tested using two first response in as many days, then every other day this last week I have tested with Clearblue Digital and got the same result everytime - 1-2weeks pregnant!! Woo Hoo!!

Went to the Docs this morning to confirm, and she did two tests in a urine smaple ( forgot to take one so it was like my 3rd wee of the day tmi sorry!) anyway, she said oh I am sorry, looks like you're not pregnant!! WHAAAT!! So I said I cannot understand this... She then took a blood sample and I am to ring them on Fri for the results of that, as its more sensitive - she apologised for congratulating me too soon before testing and said we have to wait for the result but she thought I wasn't after all....

So gutted, I drove home and got inside and burst into tears, I was sooo upset and confused and I was sure that little Pip was inside saying Mummy I am here, I am !!

Next minute, the phone rings - it's the nurse from the surgery - She said I am so sorry, but I just had a word with the GP about your tests and she says that she thinks you ARE expecting, and the bloods will show this --- APPARENTLY GIRLS,,,, the tests in the surgery I go to are not as accurate as the brand new Clearblue digital - esp during the day samples - she said you need 15 to show up on a Clearblue and only 6 on theirs (or something like that) so she said due to the fact I didn't have much of a sample in the tiny pot, she said she had misjudged it and said to apologise for saying I am not expecting as we knew I was!! She said she will send the blood off anyway just for my records as I have had DVTs a few years ago, so I will need the sample confirmed before I am referred to my consultant at the hospital.

So, after I stopped crying again (!) I am now happy again, poor little Pip inside, fancy being told you don't exist when you are actually there!! Sorry for the long story, we are keeping it all secret with friends and family til 12 weeks so I needed to tell someone lol xxx



  • And I also want to say again to one and all, lots of hugs and good luck thoughts to you all for your next tests, may the baby dust be sprinkled far and wide to you!! xx
  • Thats weird that the docs dont have a more sensitve test? I would have thought they would be the strongest? ah well hun i know its upsetting at first but at least you are pregnant for definate xxxx
  • How horrible for you!! It must have been that as your urine was more diluted as you had alsready been a few times but really she should have checked properly before telling you.

    At least the news was positive in the end..... i'm sure you didnt stop believing you were pregnant so your pip is always loved xxx
  • Oh my god how disgusting! Cant believe they treated you like that, i would of put a complaint in.
    What a bunch of ............. (Fill in the blank) hehe

    Anyway Congratulations!!!!! image


  • How awful you poor thing !! Its amazing that you put all your trust in doctors but sometimes they dont seem to no what they are doing!! boooo
    But thankfully everything is ok!image x
  • awwww thats so rubbish! i swear docs r getting worse and worse! and also great news too, lol how confusing! hopefuly ur bloods come back nice and strong image xxxxx
  • as if you're not hormonal enough as it is! I'm glad they figured it out and you are still pregnant! H&H..
  • oh dear, they should have checked properly in the first place without getting you all upset, but anyway congratulations! xx
  • Hi hun

    That is utter rubbish you have a CBD to prove it.

    I had 25 m/lu hcg in my urine a week ago on friday and i had a chemical pregnancy and doc told me i was probably never pregnant so if they are saying a CBD can register 15 m/lu they are wrong it is 25 - 50 m/lu at the most.

    I really hope your bloods come back with positive results but you dont get much better confirmation than Pregnant 1-2.

    Congrats hun and have a fab pregnancy, will you come back and tell me what your blood hcg was as they never tested mine and AF got me in the end but I know I was pregnant


  • Thanks girls all of you for your kind words, awful it was!!

    Sparkling diamond I will be back on Fri am with the results xxx

    Also, can anyone tell me how to add the ticker on to show a chart from lilypie? xx
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