I'm confused...

Im appologising(cant spell it lol) already if this is tmi lol.
This is probs nothing and i'm reading into it too much but...
On tues night i had a few twinges and a little spotting so was like great theres me out for this month, Weds i started getting bad period pains but hardly any bleeding until end of the day when it kinda seemed like lots but was mixed in with quite a bit of cm, it was red in colour but just seeing it didnt look same as my usual AF.
Thurs i had some bleeding but no pains at all, friday hardly any bleeding and no pains and by end of last night AF had gone!
This morning only a little and brownish in colour.
This is probs just nothing and everyone gets it but i usually bleed for between 5-7 days.
When i told OH my AF had started to go already even he was shocked cause its usually ages.
Just a little confused lol.

Baby dust to all you ladies and hoping lots of BFPs are coming your way if not already image


  • Hi hun

    My AF's have been the same have never had a proper full on red bleed since coming off the pill not sure if this is right or not.

    When did you come off the pill? when was your af due? it could be a number of things including implantation bleeding if it is light pink/brown colour.

    Are you going to test?

    Good luck

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