feeling a bit silly

Evening ladies. Hope you've all had a good day.
Anyhow, Ive been a bit silly today and I wanted to share. Am hoping that at least one of you will have done this image lol
So I was walking past a baby store today when I got a huge urge to go inside. I then found myself looking at this beautiful blanket and before I knew it I was at the counter paying for it. The woman then asked me how far gone I was and I just played along!
Ive now got home and I feel a bit silly. Im not even pregnant and now have this feeling that Ive ruined my chances! I know its silly but I just feel so stupid!


  • So far i've bought a superman babygrow, a t-shirt that says 'I love daddy' and a cow print anyway up cup so you're not alone lol!
  • LOL carla.

    Cant say ive done it, but i had to laugh when i read your post lol, Id probably been tempted to do it if i was in your situaton.

  • ive not done it but God knows ive wanted to!!! Im in so many baby shops 'just looking for a friend' i couldnt lie as id get my stories muddled up!!!

    P.S. i dont think you've ruined your chances, there are just so many cute things.

    x x x
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