Oh dear!!

Argh! Ladies...! I'm such a tit!

We are having such a palarva moving house that we've put off ttc until we get settled, hoping may. But because I'm so busy with uni work and my job my mom offered to come and pack some of our stuff for us. I allocated her the bathroom and kitchen, left her with some brown tape and markers and went off to uni having hidden my condoms and ann summers purchases in the bottom of my warderobe.

I've come back tonight and my moms packed all of my toiletries except my bag with my CBFM in and quite a hoard of testing sticks and pg tests which she left on the side next to my everyday toiletries, eek! I haven't used my cbfm yet, only had it recently because it was such a bargain on ebay I couldn't resist, along with the 2 whole boxes of testing sticks and 8 pg tests!

So basically I think she might know we are planning on ttc. I saw her earlier and she never mentioned it... ! Do you think I should?? I'm 21 so fairly young and I'm just finishing my degree. She's been asking about when we're getting married for months now so I don't think she will be too worried but I feel like a teenager again when we had to have that period talk and then the contraception talk :roll:


  • Oh no how embarrassing! I guess it depends if you want her to know whether you are wanting to TTC or not. If you dont mind her knowing I think I would talk to her about it otherwise it will always be in the back of your mind whenever you talk to her from now on.

    If you don't want her to know when you start TTC you could either ignore it, or you could just casually say thanks to her for packing everything up, but she didn't need to keep the CBFM stuff out as you aren't using it until you're married/later in year/whatever you just bought it because it was a bargain.

    I already have a lo so my mum wouldn't be surprised to find stuff like that in the house, but she was shocked when we announced we were pregnant as she had no idea we'd been trying, so have no idea what I would have done had she found stuff like that then! She would most likely have mentioned it to me tbh as soon as I got home, or left me a note saying she wanted to talk to me!! :lol:

    Good luck with the chat if you decide to go for it though!! xxx
  • Oh no. Thats like one of those cringe stories that you hear about where the mum catches the son masturbating only he doesnt realise until he opens his eyes, takes his headphones off and sees a glass of milk by the side of his bed!

    Maybe just mention it to her like Garfield says and say that it was a bargain and ready for when you did start to ttc.

    Hope goes ok

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