How obsessed are you?!

Confession time- all I want is to get pregnant. But after trying for 9 1/2 months, 5 months since last AF, dx with polycystc ovaries and now under the fertility unit, it's not been an easy ride! If anyone has found a way to relax or distract themselves I'd love to hear it... have thought long and hard about what my life's become and it's al about TTC atm! :\)


  • Aw Kittenmittens - i know what you mean,
    I really dont think you are the only one. i am currently training for a half marathon and i have found that is helping me to focus on something else! Other than that i have found my life has turned into two week increments! I hope everything is ok at the fertility unit and lots of baby dust t you
  • You are not alone! I have chilled out a bit but i am into anything baby related!!! Have to stop myself....x
  • i am completely obsessed! i'm on month 5 now so i know its not that long but this month particularly it is just taking over my life! possibly partly because i found out last week that my sil is pregnant and that seems to have made me 10x more stressed!
    would love some suggestions on how to chill out about it coz i'm sure this much stress isn't good for me or my baby making chances!
  • Im also completely obsessed! Im now on month 13 and feel that its getting worse! I am currently at uni and thought that that may be a distraction but unfortunatly its not working! I also work part time on a maternity unit! lol and so that hasnt really helped my situation!
    So any chill out suggestions would also be appriciated here! x
  • Glad I'm not alone... it's so hard isn't it!

    Here are some positive things I'm trying...I've taken up figure skating lessons and got back into swimming a couple of times a week, the skating is good because you have to concentrate so much on the moves and swimming is really relaxing, plus I pack some luxury toiletries for the shower afterwards that I don't let myself use any other time- like an incentive for going! Makes it feel more of a treat. I'm also watching lots of films and reading lots in the evenings. All this and a busy job is helping me. I've found out the hard way that getting down and doing nothing= boredom= worrying about ttc and thinking it'll never happen!
  • aw, kittenmittens, I too know how you feel. Sounds like you're already doing lots to help too!

    I also try and stay away from BE in periods when I'm obsessing, much as it's nice to have you guys all understand, it can sometimes be counterproductive.

    I'm doing yoga once a week and go to the gym once a week - along with counting down the days til AF arrives and I can get my blood tests done!! lol....

  • I tell myself I'm not that obsessed but I probably am!!

    We're ttc number 2 and I'm trying to be more relaxed about it than when we were trying for our son...

    BE is addictive though! x
  • fergy i try to do the same, as its just a bit much sometimes!

    Im trying to learn new skills like shorthand and knitting too.

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