and im pulling my hair out,wish AF would just come.....mind you now ive done a post on here i bet she comes in the morning im up at 4.30 for work as well gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • Hi hun

    How long are your cycles normally? when are you going to test?

    Good luck I know youve been trying a long time so hope this month is your BFP month

  • awww bless you chick...well the lonest cycle ive ever had is 45 days so i always wait untill then,my last cycle was only 30 days tho so it just gets a bit annoyng not knowing when she will arrive

    i did have a very strong BFP dream tho lol was in my room and i was waitng like i am not but tested,first thing i said was omg i have to tell ladybird and mcgillar lol......then my hubby heres hoping it comes true eh lol

    hope your ok chick xx
  • Aw thats good fingers crossed for you hun, am fine thanks feel bit more settled now I know my oven is in working condition - doc sent me for a scan and am awaiting my blood test results.

    Never did i think AF would mess my body up so much so even after have had a baby am not going back on the pill!!! Have told hubby ha ha!!

  • i was on it for 3 months after i had my son and im sure its why im messed up as it done this to me years ago,when i was 21 and came off it,i got preg at 23 and had my son at 24
  • all good on the working oven tho chick,fantastic news xx
  • :lol: you would tell me and mcg before your hubby? :P

    I can't believe your cycles are still all over the place! I will be crossing everything for you honey and I really really hope this is it for you! image xxx
  • oooh fingers crossed chick x
  • fingers crossed for you luv. xx
  • grudie,

    You have the willpower of a saint for not testing on cycle day 40!!! image

    I really hope this is your month hun,you really deserve it

  • sorry to g/c havent heard from u in a while grudie, thiking its coz of ur oooober long cycle, hope it works out for u soon, and ur well image xxxxx and to you aswell sd x
  • aww bless thank you ladies lol stll no AF but im not holding out much hope lol

    *me* your not G/C unless you have your bfp x

    yes L im that said i called you'z 2 first lol
  • fingers and toes crossed for you hun as always xxxx
  • hey hun,was looking out for you the other day,you'd gone quiet lol not long now eh? xx

    woman at my work also had a bfp dream bout me lol,must be something in the water lol
  • No not long been in hospital twice over last week!!! once with sickness and diarrhoea bug and then yest with high bp after scan!!!(think I had worked myself up!!) was sent to ward and it was back to normal so they eventually let me home last nite!!! anyway being induced on sunday!!!

    Really do have everything crossed for you hun!!!

  • Hey Lisa!!

    Keeping everything crossed for you!! Keep up the PMA....those bfp dreams cant just be coincidence!?? GOOD LUCK......and let us know!! image

  • Hay G/C image

    Wanted to wish you luck
    Before my bfp i had a dream that i got a bfp on a superdrug test and went and told mj1986 :lol:
    and i got my bfp on a SD test - then wrote to mj on FB :lol:

    I drempt that dotty jackie got her BFP just before she got hers to image

    Really hope this is it for you xxxx
    gembags x
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