Best and Worst Gift

Taking this from Pregnancy image

What were your best and worst gifts this year...... Not sounding ungrateful just pointing out those gifts u have to think When am i going to get a use outa that???

So mine was:

Best ........ Phone and staightners
Worst ...... A plant and Candles

Gems x


  • i love my diamond eternity ring my huggy gave me...oh and my mum pendant that matches the one the frog in my pond has...long story if you hadnt seen my older post lol...oh and my hot water bottle image

    my worst wasnt a gift as such but AF turning up and a perforated ear drum bang on xmas day when im the one doing the cooking was not my best xmas day ever lol
  • lol grudie christmas sounded fun xx
  • best... my dimond earrings from my hubby
    worst..... an calander with sheep and cows in it..
  • lol it was eventful anyway,my son actually got fed up of opening presents also :lol:
  • Best - loads of Cath Kidston goodies and a scarf with a hood, its soo warm!
    Worst - Christmas paper napkins and some corn on the cob holders - I think they may have raided their kitchen cupboards! lol!
  • best: board games and lots of time with hubby, really pretty scarf from MIL
    worst: a really frilly top from my MIL, and it is red too, the only colour I never ever wear...well, it came with a gift receipt so not so bad in the end ..
  • my sil got a bad gift - Condoms from her MIL eeewwww and she has been ttc for 3Years lol and Everyone knows she is ttc. :lol:

    Gems x
  • I did very well this year, DH is not greeat at buying presents but he did fab this year! Got me a great purse and wii fit +!

    Worst pressie, don't actually have one, which is a first for me!

  • Best would be my laptop from my oh, worst would be a little pot pourri doll from my grandma...?? luckily not the only thing she got me!

    I think i did pretty well this year, i'm very happy image
  • Best- Jo Malone goodies, gift cards for fave shops, Emma Bridgewater stuff in the pattern I collect (that sounds so middle aged but I really love it!) Also my hubbys rubbish at choosing presents but he took me out for a shopping trip last week so I could buy things I wanted, got some lovely winter boots etc, and he got me a perfume set of the fragrance I wore on our wedding day as a surprise image

    Worst- candles (never use them), jigsaw puzzle, endless biscuits/ chocs to make me fat.... Can't complain really!
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