Enough is enough now...

Come on body, it's time for my BFP!

Read the books
Doing exercise
Eathing well
Not drinking too much alcohol Caffeine
using OPK and pre-seed
Bd'ing lots

Come on eggy, grab that sperm and get it sorted!

Think I am going mad image


  • lol Mrs Cake I know exactly what you mean!!! Wish our bodies would catch up with our minds!!! We are ready to concieve so get with the program lol

    Fingers crossed it will be our month!

    Babydust xx
  • wouldn't like to comment on ur mental state as i am the same too ha ha

    good luck TTC

  • If youre going mad then im going mad with you!! xx
    Feel exactly the same way! x
  • ha ha I'm loving this post I think it sums up exactly how it feels when TTC!

    Hopefully won't be too long to wait until u get your BFP

    Babydust for you xxx
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