Ovulation and spotting


I have a quick question! Has anyone ever experienced spotting during their cycle? I've heard it's quite common and is a sign of ovulation. This morning I had the smallest trace of blood (sorry if this is too much info!) but it was pinkish not like period type, and I've had cramp in my lower abdomen all day. My period started on the 31st Dec so am guessing that it might be ovulation related?

I'm sure I have had this before but haven't really noticed it because we've only just started ttc and so am only just starting to take note of things!

Would be interested to hear of others experience of ovulating.

Thanks! x


  • i get OV pains but no spotting.

  • I've only ever had this once, and it was when I got my BFP. But, the strange thing is that it happened on the Monday, when infact I ovulated on the Thursday (I used OPK's and my measurements coincide with the Thursday). I've never had mid cycle bleeding before and it was the same as you described, a tiny bit of pink blood which wasn't like my period at all.

    Anyway, that probably doesn't help much I'm afraid, I'm not sure if it can happen so far before ovulation as it did with me, but perhaps it was just a bit coincidence!

    Kat xx
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