2ww - sharp pain. Anyone had it??

This is going to be hard to explain, but I'll give it a go!

I am 4dpo and already having af dull pain in my lower abdomen, it's not due until around the 25th, but came off pill end of March so cycle could be erratic. On and off I get little sharp pains, some have been on the right side, low down, some have been closer to my belly button.

Yesterday and today I have got a sharp continuous pain in my right side. It is low down on the right side, where the crease is when you sit down. It seems to radiate now and again to closer to my waist.

Has anyone had anything like this? Did you get a bfp?

I'm keeping up my PMA, and don't think this is anything to worry about. But would just like to know if anyone has had the same pain!

Thanks. xx



  • Hi mithical,
    yes I have had these pains before but got bfn and still trying. I went to drs about it but they said theres nothing wrong with me. I do have an ovarian cyst on right ovary so maybe it was that but I had all clear from hosp and I sometimes got the pains on my left.
    I wish I could tell you what it means but I have no idea myself, I just ignore it now as dont want to read anything into it! x x
    good luck, pma will help x x x
  • Hi Mithical, I've had it too. Yesterday (3dpo) I had a really sharp pain but mine was on my left side. I'm not due until the 27th so realise it may be too early for symptoms but that doesnt stop me guessing at every twinge x
  • Thank you both for your replies.

    This is really nagging me though, and I was concerned about an ectopic being one reason it could occur. I can actually prod the place where the pain is, and feel it.



  • Whats can you feel babe ?? just the pain? I would not worry keep an eye on it over the weekend but I hear a lot of people saying they get these type of pains when they are pregimage

  • Not wanting to worry you hun - but your appendix is on your right side - maybe you should get checked out by your doc - or maybe just call the NHS helpline and talk it through with a nurse.

    Hope you get it sorted soon hun.


  • Thanks.

    I'm not concerned it's my appendix. It's not really in my abdomen as such, and I think it would be a lot more painful.

    k-lou, I can feel the pain all the time. But if I search for the pain by touch, I can pinpoint it, if that makes sense? It's actually kind of moved in a bit.

    I'm aware it can't be an ectopic, as it's way to early. It's just one of the things that ran through my mind! I'm going to try to ignore it, and relax a bit more.

    Thanks for your replies. xx


  • One thing i will say is i had that awful belly infect and mine started off a bit like that. I felt fine in my self my the pain in my belly was awful.

    Though again for the last three days i have had a dull pain on my left hand side in the crease as well and I am putting that down to OVing

  • This just doesn't feel like my bowel, or uterus. If anything it feels a bit muscular.

    I've already ov'd, so that's one thing I can def rule out, and the pain is different to that. xx


  • Hi Hun,

    I got my BFP last week and have been having a pain that sounds just like what you are describing since last Friday which would have put me on 7dpo. If you are still concerned I would wait until you either get your BFP (I am going to speak to dr about this pain when i see them next week) or AF arrives then see your dr.

    Hope this helps you settle, and good luck hope it a sign of the BFP

  • Good luck mithical i really hope its a good sign for you and you get your bfp soon. xx
  • I'm new to this site and getting used to the abbreviations - what does BFP stand for? Thanks xx
  • Big fat positive on pregnancy test. xx
  • Thanks everyone.

    I am still getting the pain, but it's eased off. I do however feel like I've pulled some sort of muscle in that area!

    Thanks for positive thoughts, same to you! Fingers are still crossed for all of us!


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