i can officially join here tomorrow!

Hello ladies!
Very excited to be joining you all, before xmas me and hubby decided to start ttc! i currently have the implant in and have been trying to get it removed for a couple of weeks to no avail! however tomorrow i will be going to the family planning clinic to get it removed and not leaving till its out lol!!
sooo excited hubby is only home till march now as hes going afgan. so its going to be all go go go lol!
anyone else ttc ater having the implant?
happy new year to you all
x x x


  • HI ! I am coming off the pill at the end of this pack (next week) and we are going to start trying straight away !

    Good luck hun xx
  • hiya

    just to say WELCOME!! I didnt have implant, but there are loads of ladies on here that should be able to help!
  • we've just started too!

  • im so excited!! tho think i may be boring hubby already hehe keep on talking about babies!
    ive already made a whole list of things that we want to buy, hehe picked almost everything! think im a little over prepared!think thats what 3wks of leave does to you lol. hubby is hoping it doesnt take long just so he can let me run wild on buying and planning!
  • Hey Sarah,

    Welcome to TTC xx

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