will your AF be late, if you OV late?

i am slightly confused, since coming off pill, my AF has come dead on CD33 EVERY month. i have also had EWCM around CD20 each time.
This month i had EWCM around CD22, does this mean i will have AF on CCD35?

not sure what to think. currently CD34 and no AF. had very strong AF pains yesterday and day before. usually have pains about a few hours before af, then no more.
also, temps still very high, usually down the day before af.

what should i think? xx


  • id wait a few days and take a test! sounds very promising and i heard that if you are keeping temp that if you are pregnant in most cases it stays up and doesnt come back down for a while!! fingers crossed for you hun
  • thanks ellie's mummy and thanks for the quick reply! i am just keeping fingers crossed for no AF tomorrow morning! that would be a kick in the face! silly witch - stay away!!!!
    will keep you all updated! will test in the morning x
  • ohh yes let me know how you get on!! i finish my pill in 2 days and am very nervous just hope it doesn't take forever!! i'm too impatient! think i keep looking too much into it though!! didn't realize it was this complicated!! he he baby dust to everyone! xxx
  • Hi hun,

    If you OV late it's likely AF will be late, she should rear her head 14 days after OV as oppose to any relation to your last AF.

    But like Eliie's mummy says i've heard a high temp is promising! Good luck hun!
  • ooooh, i really hope i've not read into this too much! my LP is normally 13 days, so af should be here tomorrow, but hope she's not! its wierd as i never normally get af pain till a few hours before she comes and as i said before, i have had them the last 3 days - not so bad today though. ah well, only one way to find out and thats to test in the morning! xx
  • Hi there I am in the same boat as you. I am CD34 today and AF due tomorrow. I OV on CD 21 got my smiley face on CD20. So expecting AF 14 days later which would be tomorrow. Don't really feel like she is coming, I have been feeling really sick last three days, had to get hubby to pull over today in the car so I could be sick. I did a test yesterday at 12 DPO but bfn but didn't use fmu!!!!! And used a cb which app are not very sensitive, going to get a sd test for Thursday morning in case AF does not show her face!!!!! Good luck Hun, when are you testing?
  • hi 3054 - i am testing tomorrow am with SD test. your being sick sounds promising - even thuough its not nice!!! i am never 100% sure exactly when i ov, but always get EWCM on CD20 and got it CD22 this month, and with 13 day LP (or thats what i assume, IF i ov when i get ewcm!) then AF due tomorrow. she had better not come! been tring 9 months and NEED to get pregnant or a might cry forever!!!! xx
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