Hi hun, I'm so sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy! It's horrible isn't it to get your hopes up just to be disapointed! I just wondered when you counted CD1 from! Lots of people told me to count from day the bleeding started but others from when I got a negative pregnancy test? Xxx


  • Hi Chick! I did respond on your thread the other week (it didn't show up that anyone posted but I did image - we both got our bfps/chem pregs same cycle I think (so sorry you also had one too hon)

    it was totally gutting, I was SO excited to see 2lines - even if the first line was faint it was defo there...then 2 days later - AF arrives! I was so upset! I stayed off here for a while as quite a few of the lovely ladies in the 2ww thread I was on got their bfps and I was so happy for them but so sad for me at the same time.

    I count CD1 as first 'proper' bleed day. So with my last cycle, I woke up to red blood so counted that as CD1.
    This month, my cycle got thrown out, I spotted on the evening of CD37 and by the next day i was bleeding properly - so count that as CD1.

    Don't count for day of Negative test babe - go with first day of bleeding (not spotting)

  • weird how it's not showing i've replied?

  • Thanks for your reply hun! I only blead red blood for one day so it's quite easy to pin point! Leys hope we both get our BFP soon! Xxx
  • Have to say my AF was REALLy light too - not as light as one day - but really not that big a deal either......same with this month - on CD5 now and practically non-existant AF.

    Another thing I noticed is my OV changed too. I usually OV around CD20 but this month was CD 24/25.....And thats why my AF was late this month. I still had a 12dayLP so I defo OVd later and put this down to my chempreg.

    So perhaps this month you OVd Later then you usually do and either AF is late because of that or you are indeed harbouring another teeny bean.

    Do you know when you OVd this month? and what your LP is

  • No I have no idea to be honest! My chemical preg was a bit strange! I had a normal period on 22 oct which was exactly on time, I tested on the 21st and got a negative! Then I was sick on 30th oct and for some strange reason (which I regret now) I did a test and got a 2-3 weeks on CBD, that afternoon I started to bleed and doctor confirmed a chemical pregnanco on tues 3rd after a scan! I'm so confused lol! Xxx
  • it's not nice...I remember reading your threads thinking "bloody hell, amazing she's had a period then got a BFP".........I got my bfp the same time as you (pretty much to the day) then went offski feeling sorry for myself for a few weeks and only found out about your chempreg when I saw you post in the TTC after MMC section.

    I think the only thing you can do at the min is just wait hun - horrid as it is. Your cycle will defo have been thrown slightly with the MC

    Really hope you get your BFP soon hun......... x x x
  • Thanks hun! You too! I'll be looking out for your BFP xxx
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