Does this site make you reveal tmi in real life??? :o

Just wondering if anyone else starts to talk to people like they do on here and then stop themselves? Or use acronyms? I almost did it at work today and stopped my self short of saying too much - doh! I don't think the 'general public' really wants to know about my smep, opks or cm!!!! :lol:


  • I must say I've used a few acronyms but thankfully only with hubby!! He thought I was crazy but I didn't realise i'd done it.

    He now just ignored me... :roll:
  • I do very often find myself thinking in acronyms! Thankfully haven't ever said anything about CM / POAS etc. out loud, but maybe that is still to come!
  • I keep spotting them in real life and I can help but think of ttc. For example, at work we put initials on stuff and there is an AF in my department - enough said!! xx
  • Oh that's funny Mrs Rob! Well I was talking to someone at work who knew I had a mmc in January (very few people knew) and she was asking me about trying and I almost started talking about cm and bding! I thought to myself hhhmmmm, I'm sure she doesn't want too much detail!!!! Then a few weeks ago I when I was due to test I did actually say I was going to pee on a stick instead of take a test, she did kind of look at me odd :lol: I'll have to reel it in a bit! image Luckily we're pretty good friends.

    My dh knows I look at this site and we say bd now! He hates any talk beyond that though, kind of gets imageops:
  • i havent really told anyone im on this site and found myself telling someone who doesnt even know we are ttc about an unusual boys name someone liked that i wasnt too keen on. i had to backtrack and say i'd read it in a magazine, rather than on 'the baby website' lol
  • thankfully, NO! I'm a SAHM and see the same people everyday so it's a bit easier to watch what I say...

    I would turn beet red if I mentioned anything about cm or bd'ing to anyone in real life but I KNOW i say way too much on here that i would never dream of saying otherwise.... Some things I don't even mention to DH as he has no idea what I'm talking about!
  • LOL

    I liked the question :P

    Actually no i don't really show how badly i want to concieve in real sometimes even to my own DH. I dont want him to stress or feel bad if we dont concieve but I guess it time to make him feel they way I feel so that we try harder.

    I do sometimes use these words with DH but only recently when he actually caught me few times looking at such forums. image :roll:
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