Should I continue with the EPO???

Morning all!

Following on from my post from last night (for those of you who didnt see it, it was regarding possible very early ovulation - about CD8) should I continue taking my EPO??? Im really confused about this now as they say you shouldnt take it after ovulation; should I assume that I have in fact already ovulated, despite the fact I dont usually ovulate til about CD18/19, or should I continue with it in the hope that I will get another + OPK later on in the month?

How are we all feeling today?


  • Hi Mrs S, not sure what to tell you, but just wanted to say hi and good luck for this month hun.

  • Thanks hun, its so confusing I dont know what is going on - we BD nearly every other day but I wasnt expecting to ov so soon - thats if I really did ov. I will keep doing the OPKs I think, see if I get another phase in/phase out period later on in my cycle!

    Hows your PMA this month Nat?

  • So far my PMA is ok....decided not to use the CBFM anymore,,,am actually thinking of selling it as I can't buy the sticks for it here and the last time I bought some online, they were seized at customs...will just BD as often as we can and will hope for the best...

    Hows your PMA holding up?
  • Well, my PMA is a bit "bleh" at the mo, not really feeling much of anything TBH. Im sure as the obsession takes over again though, I will start to feel the PMA a little more :lol:

    Its a shame you cant get the CBFM test sticks over there, I remember when I went there the security at the airport was really strict, even having mud on your shoes was a huge problem!!!

    Have you considered using the standard OPK test strips? They are the ones Im using and they do the job. Either that or can you get a persona monitor over there? Does basically the same thing but in reverse as it is used as a form of contraception!!
  • I hope you get all your PMA back. They are really strict and yet some still try to get through with illegal things. I bought some CB digital waiting for them to arrive...hopefully they shouldn't be a problem....I don't tink they sell the persona here...I def think I'm going to sell the monitor...

    sending you lots of PMA and baby dust.

  • I was told to stop EPO when you have ovulated as it may induce MC. To replace to take flax seed oil instead. No harm in stopping just to be sure I guess.x
  • Hi MrsS1258, do you chart? at least you would know for sure if you have o'lated or not... its quit a tricky situation though. Were you on any meds that may have caused an early + on the opk..?
    If you are kind of sure that you did ovulated on cd8 then i would say stop using it and replace it with the Flax Seed, just to be on the safe side.. but hey just an opinion.
    Goodluck anyway image
  • Thanks for your replies littlep and Talitha. I do chart, but just around my symptoms, cm and OPK, I have ordered a thermometer so I will hopefully be able to start charting BBT ready for next month if Im unsuccessful this month.

    Not on any medications either, but my period last month was odd to say the least, having arrived 4 days late and only lasting one and a half days with 4 days spotting as oppose to the usual 4-5 days full flow so to speak.

    I guess that as AF was kind of out of sync this month that maybe the rest of my cycle will be up the spout too, therefore maybe anything is possible?! I will stop the EPO for now then, I have bought some high strength omega 3 oils that I have read somewhere do a similar job to flaxseed oil. Will see how I go and keep doing the OPKs until the end of this cycle I think, I have plenty!!!

  • Hi mrsS, not seen your other post so bear with me! :lol: Im assuming you have had + on opk's at cd8. If so then I would definately advise to stop the epo. Its not recommended during pg. I am taking omega 3 too, the Sanatogen one along with their folic acid. but thats mainly 'cos Im veggie so obviously dont eat any fish, oily or otherwise.

    Hope you get some pma soon, Im lacking too as STILL no sign of af! Bought some FR tests today with the intention of testing tomorrow, but I might see if I can hold out until the end of the week. i think I will have to invest in a bundle of those Access Diagnostic tests if AF or BFP dont turn up soon! Its an expensive game, this POAS! xx
  • Oh yeah, think I read earlier that you missed the BOGOF offer in Boots - I was in there earlier and was tempted when I saw the offer but managed to control my urges!! I bought shed loads off ebay which are the same ones as those I have used at work and I have also bought the same ovulation sticks as for 50 of any combo (preg or ov) they are just under 9 pounds including p&p! ;\)

    I am taking the sanatogen pronatal and got hubby doing the same, but superdrug have got an offer on their vitamins and supplements of buy one get 2nd half price, so went for the high strength EPO and high strength omega 3.

    My fingers are firmly crossed for you this week, how are managing to refrain from POAS constantly?!? :lol:

  • Money! (or rather the lack of it! :lol: ) I would be so annoyed if I poas and got bfn and then af showed her ugly face too! I have just posted on Nat's thread that I am having achy crampy feeling, and a 'heavy' feeling in lower abdo. So pma dwindling rapidly! I will see how brave I feel in the morning, but if I still feel crampy I will wait until Friday. :roll:

    And I cant believe that its only MY stupid Boots who dont have this amazing BOGOF offer!!!!! :x xx
  • But, BB4, the offer is available online too and their OPKs are also included so if there is anything else you need from there then it is well worth it as delivery is free if you spend over 40 pounds or something....

  • DOH!! never even occured to me to check on line! :roll: Im starting to wonder if I just never noticed the offer. I was in a rush and just grabbed the box and paid. Surely they would have mentioned it at the till tho??

    I might pop back tomorrow with my tests and receipt and see if the offer is on, and if so I will have a moan that it wasnt mentioned to me and that I didnt see the signs. Worth a shot! image xx
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