When would you start buying ?

Just wondering when everyone would buy there first things for a baby?

I guess its after thinking of a nursery! Also in asda the other day and DH was asking when we can start buying little white baby things. I think i would get little white things early, but the big things id wait for.


  • I have a son already so i have a cot but thats all as we decided we didnt want anymore kids :lol:
    After 2 MC i wouldnt buy anything till my 20week scan But if i ever get a BFP i will put money away each week so i can go out and hit the shops after my scan :lol: :lol: :lol:

    gemgems xx
  • Thats a great idea, start saving when you find out and start buying when you know everything is OK! I think thats something I may do : ) If I can resist all the cute baby things in the shops ! lol !
  • thats what i was just thinking. Then you have money at times like after christmas when theres a big sale on!!

    Although i cant wait that long!
  • I won't buy anything big until the baby is in my arms, I lost my baby at 27 weeks and had bought a couple of things. It was heartbreaking having to put it all away!! I agree with getting a few bits of clothing, but nothing major.
  • Ive brought a few things... My hubby is 6'4 and im 5'9 so we need a tall pram, so when i found one that was on sale we brought it, and i have a cradle that was on sale too... but hey everyone to their own
  • I would wait til my 12 week scan at least and then maybe buy something then x
  • I think I would wait til after my 12 week scan (hard as that is) but if OH had his way he wouldnt even buy a babygro unti after he/she is born! I did explain we would need some clothes for the poor wee mite and a car seat to get them home but he is adament we wont buy any more than the bare essentials. Good luck to him - this is 1 argument I will not let him win lol!!
  • after having MC last time we're not buying a thing til 12week scans. then will buy one or 2 tiny outfits, then nothing more clothes wise til after 20wks scan. Then wait til after 24weeks for cots, prams, etc.
    PS just got distracted by the baby I do have (see my avatar) having a little dream curled up on his bed in front of me while I type - cute!!
  • Hmm, I would definately say at least 12 weeks but probably wont be going mad too soon. As hard at it maybe. Just buying bits if I see them or on offer. When we get our BFP it will be our first so very nervouse and worried - especially as I know my Mum had a couple of mmc's before i was born.
  • I will be waiting until at least 12 weeks too after my mc. I really wanted to buy a pg journel but somehting stopped me and the day after I had a scan whihc said that I had mc, so don't think I will even buy that until 12 weeks.

    I like your idea gembags about putting money away, although we're doing that already, I'm not sure that DH will actually let me spend it when it comes to it :lol: so may put little bit more away then too.

  • With Ruby I bought a gorgeous white sleep suit within days of getting my BFP and nursery was complete the day before my 12 week scan! Crazy i know but didn't feel it at the time!

    I have since MC and now realise that i'm just a mere mortal and mc can happen so I wont be buying anything big or sentimental until after 16 week gender scan xx
  • **rainbow** we did start saving for baby but its now called a new bed in about 3 weeks :lol: :lol: :lol:
    TTC has taken so long were almost at the point were we r going to get a new TV image image image
    I have a cot that i will use from birth and a steraliser i got when we started ttc it was brand new and ??5 image image

    I deal with the money so when i get that BFP i will spend it on bean :lol: :lol: :lol:

    gemgems x
  • Hey I agree but the nursery thread has not helped my urge to buy!!

    I haven't bought a thing only HPT's and OPK's LOL and they are baby things (accessories) he he hoping to get our BFP soon xx
  • Hey I agree but the nursery thread has not helped my urge to buy!!

    I haven't bought a thing only HPT's and OPK's LOL and they are baby things (accessories) he he hoping to get our BFP soon xx
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