CBFM question

I think i have asked this before but i will ask again.

I am currently on CD16 of my cycle and still POAS (getting boring now as i want my peak!!!!)

Anyway, some days when i POAS i get 2 definite lines in the window. Other days i only get one. I got 2 lines on Sunday and then one on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and this morning there are 2 definite lines again. I know i don't need to worry about this as the CBFM does the work for me but when i am constantly getting highs it would be good to know if (because it is my first month using the CBFM so i may not actually get a peak) maybe the second line could have something to do with ov??

I don't really care how many lines are there as i paid the amount of money that i did to let the monitor do the work for me but a few other people have told me that they ALWAYS get 2 lines on the stick.

I hope this makes sense :roll:

Tink xx


  • im not 100% sure, but im think the 2 lines indicate different levels and sort of hormones which show when u ov ect...im on 1st month of using it to, i have had around 8 days aprox of high but no peaks, im on cd 24 now and awaiting af so i didnt get a peak, hope this helps xx


  • i don't always get 2, 1 can be v v v faint, i had 10 highs last month and peaked on cd34! x
  • rocky_kiz how long are your cycles? xx


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