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Hi ladies, would really appreciate some advice if you don't mind. OH and I are TTC but I am really unhappy in my job and want to leave. A job is up for grabs in my home town, if I got it it would save me about ??150 per month in petrol, although the wages would probably be 5 -6 K less that I am on now. In my current job I can take up to a years maternity leave and then return to part time hours, I have no idea what the maternity package is with the other job. Do you think I should apply for it? I am totally torn as what happens if I get the job and then find out I'm pregnent? How would my maternity pay be affected? Really confused and worried, sat here feeling sick at spending the rest of my life in a job that I hate but terrified to take the leap and leave, I have been here for 7 years.
Any advice would be great.
PS I live in scotland, dont know if the maternity rights are different here to the rest of the UK?



  • hi autumn79 - not really got too much advice, but i do know about the maternity: in local government (where i work) we have a thing called 'continuous' service where you go from one job to another without breaking it and you get more annual leave etc after certain numbers of years. Anyway - this also adds to your maternity. as in most jobs, if you have been there less than a certain number of months, you wont get much mat pay (only half pay and stat mat). in local gov, you get normal mat pay if you've done more than a year continuous service. i have only been in my current job 4 months, but been in local gov for over 4 years.
    anyway - my point is that you might not get a good deal if you move and fall preg soon. not trying to put you off or anything, as i know what its like being in a job you hate.
    just read that you're in scot too - might be worth having a look at your current mat rights and see if they have any special things for people who havent been there long, and that might give you an idea - as most companies do the same. most wont do over and above if you get what i mean.

    sorry for the ramble!!!
  • Most works are different with there maternity pay,The only way to find out would be to ask them or check the contract if offered the position.
    You would def qualify for Maternity Allowance whichis like a maternity pay form the government which I think works out at roughly ??100 per week but you can only get this if you dont qualify for maternity pay from your employer.
    I hope that helps.
    I am also from Scotland!!!!.
  • I know that as long as you have been in ur positon for 6 mths u r entitled to Maternity leave but will only be basic maternity pay as I have just started a new job myself. The only other thing to consider is the less stressed u r the more better for concieveing. Wish u all the luck as I know what its like, but only u can decide.
  • you will defo qualify for MA
    and fully agree with LC2RED...if you are stressed you will probab struggle to conceive in first place
    ...and also, you want to be a happy mummy...and for me personally a job I like and a bit less money would do more for me then lots of cash but being scared of going back after maternity leave

  • Well I would say go for the new job. Without wanting to put you on a downer, you don't know how long it will take you to conceive, and you can't put your life on hold. What if you didn't apply for the job and found yourself still sitting at your desk this time last year? Even if you apply for the job, get it, and then fall pg right away, what with waiting for the interview to come round, working your notice period and everything, you're still looking at a good 10 months before having your baby - which is a long time to be in a job you hate (believe me - I know!).
  • as long as you're in the position for one week longer than CD1 of your BFP cycle you'll get statutory maternity pay- I started my job in August and got my BFP in October - however the job I left didnt pay and additional maternity pay and neither does this one so I'm in exactly the same boat. tbh I think I'd do what makes you happy and just keep squirelling away as much money as you can whilst in your current role x
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