How early is too early for ss?

I think I'm only 3/4 dpo, but feel very very strange... Some ov type cramps, but no EWCM, dizzy, a little nauseous, slightly sore boobs. Is it really WAY too early for these to be anything but in my head? Or is there actually some thing wrong with me!?

I think I know that it's way too early to have any symptoms, just wondered about anyone else's experiences?


  • Couldnt leave your message without a reply image I would think that it might be *slightly* early to SS but because you are more aware of things, then you might be spotting things that always happen...

    However, I am 3DPO today & I have been getting cramps all day, which I'm sure dont normally it happens to all of us :lol:

  • I agree with Curls... science would suggest that it is too early to SS HOWEVER....!! I also had OV type pains at 4/5 dpo and no EWCM. And now I'm 6/7 dpo and I have nothing... apart from creamy CM (Sorry if TMI)!! So in the world of TTC it's never too early to SS surely!! Maybe write them all down so that BFP (or not) you will know you weren't crazy!! Good luck!! xx
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