need help about OV - PLEASE

HI im fairly new on here hope some one can help with this. I got pg with dd in the first month last time so have no idea about when we ov etc. Worked out that i ov on the 18th of this month but we didnt bd until the 21st image which is three days later (damn night shift) anyway i was just wondering if ive missed my chance this month or if theres still a chance i was still ov then.

Sorry if this is a dense question i just have no idea about this ov stuff xx :\?


  • Hi ya , ideally you want to bd on the day you ov and the next day, but I think I conceived my 1st 3 days after I think i ov so keep bding !
    maxi xxx
  • Hi.

    Eggs stay alive for about 2-3 days, sperm for 3-5 if it gets passed the cervix. You might have just made it? Fingers crossed. xx
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