Should I hold a party........


Today is my 100th day since last af - will I get a telegram from the queen? Should I hold a party? (more like a wake)




  • lol huni, hope she arrives soon x
  • lol huni, hope she arrives soon x
  • image oh hun, dont know how u r still keeping count, i really hope she comes for u soon, or a bfp xx
  • thanks guys! I've given up stressing about it as makes no difference!! Have had a few drinks this afternoon to "Celebrate" and onwards and upwards as they say!!

  • Glad ur not stressing about it anymore hun, didnt u think u ov'd the other week? are u still on the 2ww then? x
  • Yes Princess A I am really hoping I did. I'm not entirely sure as never had a true + opk but they went quite dark and then light again so really really hoping I did. I'm not even sure we bd'd enough at right time but i wouldn't mind af arriving as long as next cycle doesn't reach the 100 day mark!!!

    If I did ov I'm due either 2nd or 3rd may so one more week to wait and if nothing I'm going back to drs and demand they 'fix' me!!!

    How are you getting on Princess??
  • Im ok, just not sure if im ov'ing or if the pill is still messing me around, don't want to get my hopes up at all this time, just in case i have another long wait for af. I really hope u get a bfp or af next week then, if not i would go back to the doctors and demand some proper answers this time xx
  • Thanks PrincessA.

    Have you got some opk's? They might help you work out when you are ov'ing.

  • no i havent, was going to try and do this month without them, not sure y i just thought they might stress me out a bit, but now the not knowing is stressing me out. lol! x
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