hows everyone??

hello!! nice to see some bfp on here!!! i havent been on much lately just wondered how we were all doing?
had a busy day at work today, summer seasion has def started at the airport :x i saw a work collegue who i hadent seen since the day i announced i was pg (she????s been away for 3 months) and she was shocked to see i was bump-less and asked me what happened so it kind of made me feel sad again to relive it all telling her about my d and c and stuff... i was putting on a brave face but felt a bit weird....anyway heres loads of babydust to us all WE CAN DO IT GIRLS!! lets get those bfp ready!!

hugs xxx



  • Wishing you loads of luck in getting a BFP again soon

    Mandy x
  • hi pae, everyone at my work is suddenly pregnant, and they all talk to me about there midwife appointments and scans, and i sometimes just want to run away screaming i don't want to know (i've had two mc since feb), and if any of them says "well at least you know you can get pregnant" one more time i'll slap them. Anyway enough of the rant, i found my pma hiding under the bed when i cleaned under there and i've taken some super glue and stuck her firmly to me this is going to be our month!!
  • Sorry your collegue brought it all back for you. Hope you get a bfp soon. Sticky babydust!!!xx
  • Hi pae

    How you doing honey? Im good had my hospital appointment last week and im being sent for a lap and dye finally things are moving. Hopefully we will both get our bfp soon.

    take care of yourself jen xx
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