Any ideas anyone... help please!

OK, so I went shopping yesterday and it wasn't until I went to bed I found a note on the side that said "hospital appointment, 19th Jan" with the time. DH had left this note - but not thought to mention it and it had apparently slipped his mind!! I immediately quizzed him and all he could say was that a woman phoned and said I had an appointment. No info or anything. Now I did go to GP before Christmas for initial tests (progesterone etc.) and DH went to get checked too. We haven't been told results from these - so what on earth is this hospital appointment about? I assume as its just for me that there is something wrong? I'm scared stiff and didn't sleep last night. Does anyone have any idea? Please help!


  • Just a quick reply, but to put your mind at rest,I think I would probably phone the hospital back to confirm what the appointment is about. You dont wont to spend several weeks with seepless nights to find all is actually ok.
    You could also give the GP a call to see if he has had the results back. The hospital will forward any results onto the GP. Any concerns you could discuss with her/him.

    Does your oh always leave notes for you beside your bed or does he usually leave them where he has the phonecall. Even if he is your oh and they ahve an appointment for you, they shouldnt have given him anymore information apart from your appointment time and date for confidentuality reasons. Did he say what clinic/ward your appointment is at?
  • Thanks Joey08,
    I guess it was unreasonable to think they would give my DH any other info over the phone! I now have a letter confirming the appointment and it gives the name of the doctor, but no further details. I googled him and he is a gynaecologist (not surprising I suppose!).

    Does anyone know what happens at these first hospital gynaecologist appointments? Has anyone got any experience of this? Is it just a chat with the doctor or will there be examinations or tests?

    Sorry to ask so many questions - it just seems that people on here would be the most likely to know.

    Happy new year!
  • Hi hun, didn't want to r&r, it could be just to discuss the test results and by that I don't mean they have found anything (don't panic!!) it could be that they haven't found anything and want to talk about possible things to try in the future.
    Best thing to do is phone and ask, at least it would save you worrying xx
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