Anyone just starting their 2ww?

sorry people...double posted...

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  • didn't want to read and run - am not on 2ww yet but just wanted to wish you lots of babydust and PMA image

    good luck hun xxx
  • Hi, we're still at it cos I'm not due to ov until Monday, but I'll join you anyway!! I've got a short luteal phase so my AF is due 2 weeks from now.

    This is our 6th month of trying and I've had 2 early mc's, so hubby and I are DESPERATE for a sticky BFP!! I swear hub has got bump envy - everywhere he goes he's pointing out pregnant ladies to me!!

    Anyway, sorry for banging on. I hope we all get our sticky BFPs in 2 weeks' time!!


  • Hi Nat, Im on my 2ww already. due to test on 1st July. When r u testing? Good luck, and babydust xx *************************

  • mrs_e, thanks for that....I'm going to try and stay positive (and sane) for the next 10 days...I hope you get your BFP soon...

    Cherrypicker, so sorry to hear about your mc's hun....sending you tons of sticky baby dust....

    Babybump4, I normally have a 28 day cycle but I ovulated late this month which I'm not complaining about cos hubby wasn't well so we had a few extra days. AF is due on the 4th.
    Will probably test on the 3rd I think.

    Good luck us all and tons of baby dust too.

    Nat xxx
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