ov testing at work....?

moring everyone :

so ive started using opks, the cheapies off ebay, i was told yesterday so start doing them around 10 ish (not with fmu) and evening around 6-7 ish so i dont miss my +. only problem is i work 8-5, which is fine, but im due to test soon, and it got me thinking, how on earth am i gonna ov test at work? i usually pee in a cup (sorry lol) but.... no cup? eeek how does everyon else get round this? xxxxxx


  • are u meant to test twice a day?? mmmm maybe ive missed mine.. CD16???
    could you use a plastic cup (like what u get coffee in from vending machine) then shove it in hygiene bin when yr done..lol xxx
  • I was wondering about this as I want to get some! We have plastic cups for water here so was thinking I might have to use one of those!!!
  • I will be using my clearblue digi's at work so i won't need the cup, then using the IC's i have at home in the evening....

    Not sure how i'll get around waiting 3 minutes for the result mind.

    This ttc lark has us doing some funny things doesn't it?

  • we have no plastic cups.... image i was testing once a day, im on cd18, (last month i think i ov'd cd20, but no opks then so not 100%) but yeah a couple of girls have said if u test twice a day its more efficient as some people who do every 24 hours miss it?

    send me a plastic cup please katielou and nic! lol.

    hahaa i thought that too mummy-wannabe, gonna be in the loo for ages, they gonna thiking i have a funny tum! haha everyday for the next 3 or so days! haha.

    only way i could do it is in a mug.... but thats gross and then i would have to wash it up, meaning even more time when theyre wondering what im doing, and then imagine if a little later someone used that mug after i washed it! ew! lol x
  • *shudders at the thought of drinking from a cup someones pee'd on* gross lol :lol:

    sorry chick no idea how your going to manage without bying a wee cup to take along with you x
  • do it on yr dinnerbreak? ....what about taking a plastic tub/egg cup wiv you then put it in a sandwich bag when yr done so no dribble in yr bag..lol ....how funny would it be though if it was someone u didnt like drinking from yr cup! hehe
    ......im ok cos work evenings 6-10pm so least i av one less thing to worry about..lol xxx

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  • lol thanks girlies image..... i peed in the little packet thing it comes in! hahaha, wil bring in an egg cup 2moro! good plan nic lol. thanks for the advice image xxxx
  • Oh god Amiee you make me laugh everytime....peeing in the packet....can you imagine the site lol xxxx
  • hahahaha! i no, how embarassing, gld to have brightened ur day hehe x
  • O you have hun....you always make me smile...bless you xxxx
  • LMFAO ... this has made me laugh on such a stressful day!!!

    I started testing at work yesterday - and it was interesting LOL! It looks so like a pregnancy test and this afternoon I wandered to the toilet with it in my hand, and my receptionist (and best friend) clocked it and just raised her eyebrows at me LOL!

    Even funnier taking it out of my bag and trying to hide it from my team!!!

    The joys of TTC huh?!!

  • lol shirls glad to make u smile image hahaha i done that! sneaked it out my bag up my sleeve then to the loo. teehee. only a smal office aswell so its really difficult!

    k-a will try that aswell see how it goes, work mite get suspicious if i walk to the loo with an egg cup every day at 10. lmao. was just worried, it would, u no splash up at the results bit lol.

    also while we r here does anyone know if the cbfm beebs or anything? still trying to convince hubs to let me get one, but thinking that will be even more of a mision to get up my sleeve, and only 3 girls work here, so if one of the others wlaks in, its gonna be obvs which one is beepin g in the loo! lol x
  • I know the CBdigi's don't beep, otherwise i wouldn't be able to get away with it...

    Our loo is off the main office, and theres only 3 other ladies in here with me, so they'll know i'm doing more than just going for a wee!image
  • this made me laugh! I have a cbfm and it doesnt beep. You are meant to do it int the morning tho so you could do it at home and it would solve your cup problem! xx
  • LOL ... I love this thread ..!! I have a mental picture of women across the land all sneaking off to the loo with bulging sleeves LOL

    I am off for two weeks as of next week - thank goodness I can test at home in peace then (although I am obviously hoping I have ov'd by then!)

  • I had to nip home today, so managed to poas at home instead, and i nearly fell over becasue i got my very first ever smily face! I'm only CD9, and i usually have 32-35 day cycles...

    Hubbys away tomorrow, and then friday-sunday so will be amking the most of tonight and thursday!;\)

    So happy i didn't need to actually do this at work, that would have been soooo funny.

    Hows everyone getting on with it?

  • lol mummy-wannabe. got my + (i think) it was as dark as the control, but was very thin?) had realy faint lines since, so i stopped testing now as i guess that was it? got what i think was my + on cd22, so cd9 is great! nice short cycle xxxx

    lol shirls! have a good 2 weeks off! xxx
  • Yay for the +ve results girls!! I'm still waiting for mine, ov calendar says should be thursday, so fingers crossed! Staying with oh this week so lots of bd occurring lol... Let's hope it's fate that I'm off work so am far more relaxed!!

    Fingers crossed we can all sit out the 2ww together!!

  • good plan shirls hopefully it does the trick! xxxxx
  • That sounds like a plan Shirls. I had one for this cycle, basically get pregnant! hubby thought that was funny and wanted to know what we'd been doing these last couple of months...
    Good luck ( i will never get over how strange it is to wish someone luck for BD'ing!!!)
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