a few questions...

Hi everyone,

Just been having a think and from reading other peoples posts, have a few questions...
planning to start ttc in august, so last pill packet will finish end of july. when should i start taking folic acid?? also what can i expect from coming off the pill having been on it for 5 yrs?! my periods atm are only 2 days, v light and same time every month, before the pill they lasted sometimes for 8 days and were pretty heavy with bad pains! i rely on my pill to tell me when i'll be coming on, how will i know without it? i don't want to get caught out!!
Sorry if these questions are a bit simple! Thanks for any advice!
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  • They say start taking folic acid 3months before ttc.
    I had coil so cant help with pill ques sorry.
    I would say that yourperiods will go back to heavy long and painful. i think mayb go with how long your cycles are???
    hope i was of some help xxxx
  • Hi J20 - I concur with Fiona about Folic Acid - start taking it now.

    As with your periods, I haven't been on the pill for about five years now but was on it for ten years before that. When I stopped, my periods became heavier and a bit irregular but relatively quickly quitened down. Now they last about four days but are still heavier in the first day or two then they ever were on the pill.

    My periods are not regular as clockwork either, my cycles are anything from 25 to 30 days but at least you've got a rough idea of when. Plus, I do not leave the house without tampons in my bag anymore!! I think that's the clue to not getting caught out!

    Hope that helps you.


  • hello,i was on the pill 10 years before i had my ds and my periods were all over the place,cant remember what they was like before,cant remember what i did last week so wont for the life of me know what my periods were like 10 years ago :lol: went back on the pill when i had my ds for a year and i came off them last month,came of it very early and had my period a week late then i would have (hope this all makes sence :lol: ) so this is my first real month of trying and iam on cd17 and still havent ov' so this is gonna be a long one. as for getting cought out,you will have to make sure you have tampax or pads were ever you go :lol: good luck
  • thanks for the replies...

    so it's ok to start taking folic acid when still on the pill?

    oh god i hope my periods don't go back to being really heavy i hated it! i suppose i'll just have to wait and see what my body decides to do! :\(
    defo a good idea about always carrying tampons! i will take up that tip!
  • yes you can take folic acid when still on the pill
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